Effetto Mariposa Carogna Tubular Glue Remover

Carogna Tubular Glue Remover is a modern solvent that will soften dried out mastic or other glues allowing complete removal of glue from carbon or aluminum rims providing an optimal clean rim surface.

Using a new breed of chemicals, Carogna Tubular Glue Remover isn't a fast evaporating toxic solvent that will force you to work outside or open doors and windows in your workshop. No smell means you can safely use it indoors. In fact, despite its very strong action, Carogna Tubular Glue Remover doesn't contain any dangerous or flammable chemicals and is totally benign to metal or carbon fiber.

Thanks to its high viscosity, Carogna Tubular Glue Remover can be spread on the rim gluing surface with a brush. Being red, you will clearly see where it is and spread it evenly on the whole rim gluing surface. Allowing it time to work (between 2 to 12 hours, depending on the mastic type, age and thickness), Carogna Tubular Glue Remover will dissolve the mastic, making it easy to remove with a cloth. Clean rim surface using iso-propyl alcohol before new application glue. 150ml Tube.